Curate records

Community owners, managers and curators have the capability to curate records in their community. See about communities for details.


A record is branded in the header with the community it belongs to. If a record is part of multiple communities, only one community can be branded. It is also possible to remove the branding. All community curators from all communities as well as the uploader have permission to set the branded community.

As a curator you can:

Edit metadata


Go to the record you would like to edit.


Click the orange Edit button. See deposit for further details on editing a record.

Remove a record


Go to the record you would like to remove.


Click the cog wheel icon in the Communities-box on the record landing page.


Click Manage communities


Click the red Remove button.


Confirm you would like to remove the record from the community.

Set/remove branded community


Go to the record you would like to remove, and click the cog wheel icon in the Communities-box. In the dropdown menu click Manage communities.


Click Remove branding or Set branding next to the community you would like to brand.