Manage files

The following sections documents how to manage files for a draft and record. You can by default upload up to a 100 files and a total volume of 50GB ( bytes).

Prepare files

We support file uploads up 50GB (= 50.000 MB) and max 100 files. See how to request a quota increase.

Please take the following into consideration when you prepare your files for upload:

Add files


Drag and drop files or click Upload files to select one or more files to upload.


You can cancel the upload of large files while the upload is in progress by pressing the Cancel button.

Remove files


Click the -icon to remove an already uploaded file.

Set the default preview


By default, the first previewable file in alphanumeric order will be the one being displayed on the your record landing page. You can change the default previewed file by checking the checkbox in the Preview column.

Pending state

You may experience a file displaying the state Pending in the Progress column. The pending state means that a file is in progress of being uploaded. It happens e.g.

  • If a file is uploaded from a different browser window or by a different user (multiple people can edit a draft)
  • If a file upload is broken off and you reload the browser page.

In the latter case, you can follow the remove file to fix the issue.

Modify files after publication

We do not allow modification (add, remove, modify) of files after it has been published. Instead, you can use our versioning to create a new version of the record.

We however offer a one-month grace period after publication in which the files in a specific version can still be changed if mistakes have been found. After the one-month grace period we only allow modification in duly justified cases (such as copyright infringements, or exposure of personal data). All requests for modifications must be submitted to our support line, however please consider using our versioning feature instead.