Link sharing

Link sharing enables you to create a secret link which provides access to your record. The link can have an expiry date as well as


You can give the secret link one of the following three permissions:

  • Can view: Link provide access to see restricted files in the record.
  • Can preview: Link provide access to see a preview of a draft (unpublished record).
  • Can edit: Link provide access to edit and create new versions of a record.

Get a link


Go to the record you would like to share, and click the blue Share button.


In the Share access dialog, click the Links tab.


Optionally provide a title, set an expiration date and choose a permission for your link (see above for explanation of permissions).


Click the green Create a new link button.


Click the grey Copy link button to copy the generated link to your clipboard.

Delete a link


Find the link you want to delete in the Links tab in the Share access dialog (see above).


Click the Delete button next to the link.