The creators field is a required field. Creators are the persons or organisations that have created the resource being uploaded (e.g. the authors in case of papers). Creators are listed in the academic citation.

A creator can be either a:

  • Person
  • Organisation

See also contributors for how to add persons/organisations that should not appear in the academic citation.

Add a creator


Click Add creator to add one or more new creators.


Choose between Person or Organization as the name type. Person names are split into family/given names fields and can be auto-completed where as organsation names is only a single name field and cannot be auto-completed.


Search for an already known persons to make entering many creators faster. The search is powered by the ORCID datasets.


Enter the family name and given names. The split is important for the automatic generation of citation strings.


Enter name identifiers for the person/organisation such as ORCIDs, ISNIs, GNDs or RORs. The name identifiers can be entered in many different formats, and will automatically be normalised by form.


Enter one or more affiliations for the creator. The field is auto-completed from the ROR database. By default, you should prefer to choose one of auto-completed options as it uniquely identify the organisation. If you cannot find your organisation, you can choose to add simply the text. In below example "European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)" is auto-completed (preferred), and "Add CERN" is a simple text string without unique identification of CERN.


Optionally, select a role for the creator (e.g. "Editor")


Finally, click Save and add another to add more creators, or click Save to return to the main form.

Edit a creator


Click the Edit button next to a creator to edit the creator information.

Remove a creator


Click the Remove button next to a creator to remove a creator from the list.

Reorder creators


Click and hold the -icon. You can now drag and drop the author into the desired order in the list.