NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan Guidance

A Data Management and Sharing Plan that is compliant with the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy must contain information addressing six elements, as outlined in the Elements of an NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) supplemental guidance. This guide provides both a general outline for completing a DMSP, based on NIH’s DMS Plan format page, and Zenodo-specific information for completing certain sections of a DMSP.

When completing an NIH DMSP at a US-based institution, review your own institution’s library, data management, and office of research web pages to check whether additional guidance and/or language is necessary for a locally-compliant DMSP.

Thank you for considering Zenodo (a participant in the NIH Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative) for your dataset deposit. For introductory information about Zenodo, please see the Zenodo FAQs.

DMSP Elements