Invite member

You can invite existing Zenodo users to become a member of your community. Invitations must be accepted by the invited user, and an invitation automatically expire after 30 days.

Invite a member


Go to Members-tab in your community and, click on the green Invite-button.


Search for a user by entering their name, affiliation or email address.

Note: Only users with public profile visibility are searchable and only users with public email visibility are searchable by their email address.


Select a user from the list by using the arrow up/down keys and pressing enter to select. Note, you can select multiple people from the list. Once, select they will appear in the area above the search field.


Choose a role for all selected users. The chosen role is applied to all users. You can provide an optional message to the invited users.


Click the blue Invite-button. Each invited user will receive an email notification, and be able to see the invitation under My requests.